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Epic poker fail

Vls-5ZFX1rpo, you can read that Daniel has a straight when the board pairs.
Looking at the texture of the board and the calling range that Lindgren free video slot machines to play now would have throughout the hand, the only plausible hands that Negreanu can really beat on the river are AQ and QJ, both of which Lindgren would essentially be turning into bluffs anyways.
With his upcoming seventh appearance on the show looming ( read more about HSP Season 7 here we thought itd be interesting to look back at all of his misfortunes throughout the years on HSP, including a running tab on just how much top online blackjack sites money these.Negreanu, at this point, must have thought he was trapping with his seemingly monster hand, and saw no value in raising at this point in the hand.Which did two things; told the entire table he had a straight and showed that he had finally snapped, meaning many players at the table would be much more inclined to tangle with him in future pots.The bet looked like and felt like a feeler bet more than anything else, and possibly because of it, Negreanu elected to just flat call with his full house.The river card, however, was the jack of clubs, filling Barrys flush and costing Negreanu his first six figure pot on HSPbut certainly not his last.You had one out.The turn was again the fatal card for Negreanu, the eight of diamonds, giving Lindgren quad eights.But, Negreanu couldnt put the pieces together, and, stumped, he finally elected to call and lose a massive 575,700 pot with his inferior full house.The flop was a disaster for Hansen; 965 rainbow, giving both players sets.
The river actually devalued Negreanus hand further; the ace of hearts, filling the potential K10 draw.
Negreanu checked, and Greenstein continuation bet 10,000, to which Negreanu decided to say, Im gonna make it, uh, one million.
Ever considering even calling this bet against the tight playing Lindgren at this point in the hand!
In the hand, Negreanu raised to 2,200 with the K9c on the cutoff, and Greenstein elected to three bet on the button to 10,000 with his AcJh, getting folds from the blinds and a somewhat loose call from Negreanu; Greenstein had put in.
Negreanu, thinking he still had the best hand, made a value bet of 25,000 into the 37,700 pot, and after a few seconds of thought, Lindgren moved all-in for another 72,700, causing the normally mild-mannered Negreanu to slam his hands on the table and exclaim.
The flop was complete gin for Kid Poker, though; 372, all clubs, but thanks to Greensteins ace of clubs, Negreanu was actually only a 71 favorite to win the hand at that point.Hansen then check-raised to 26,000, which Negreanu called; so far, the hands been pretty standard.Everyone else folded (including Antonio Esfandiari and his AQ) and Hansen called.Gus Hansen opened UTG to 2,100 with two fives, and Negreanu popped it up to 5,000 next to act with two sixes.Any other combination of hands that he wouldve played from the flop on has made a better hand, either by filling up to a full house or sucking out and making a higher straight; Negreanu should have been aware of this and made a fairly.Negreanu had a hand like AA/KK and would be more likely to make a river value bet if he checked than he would be to call a bet if Hansen simply led out.Hansen then made what seemed like an unusual play; he led out with his quads, but only 24,000 into the 63,700 pot.Negreanus problems continued on the third season of HSP with running into quads.Hansen checked, and Negreanu led out for 8,000.This pot was the biggest of all the major run bad moments that poor Daniel has seen on HSP, and the hand that had the online realm abuzz about the saga of Daniel Negreanu and his legendary case of straight up running bad in televised.(He checked?) His logic?Ill Bet A Million.That was mistake one.

Against a normal player, this may be a clear and easy fold, given the massive strength represented by a river check-raise, but this is Gus Hansen making the move; a player clearly capable of bluff shoving the river in a spot like this with anything.